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21Feb 571
Twin Lakes

Total of nine (9) Patented Mining Claims. Go to Mile Marker 78 2/10ths on Hwy 82. For Sale - 1902 Patented Mining Claims of "The Manhattan Mining and Milling Company", located only 1.5 miles west of the town of Twin Lakes, just 38 miles from the ski playgrounds of Aspen, and 23 miles from the historic mining town of Leadville.

1Feb 1503
30 U.S. Code § 612

Rights under any mining claim hereafter located under the mining laws of the United States shall be subject, prior to issuance of patent therefor, to the right of the United States to manage and dispose of the vegetative surface resources thereof and to manage other surface resources thereof (except mineral deposits subject to location under the mining laws of the United States).

19Feb 1730
Patented Mining Claims

Patented Mining Claims . Galena Mining District . Lake Mining District . Park Mining District . General Information about Mining Claims; Contact Details. Hall Realty, Inc P.O. Box 280 269 S. Gunnison Avenue Lake City, CO 81235 970.944.8100 [email protected] . Brokers; Properties; MLS Search; Lake City; Vacation Rentals; Blog; Contact; Return ...

9Feb 1177
Records | Clear Creek County, CO

The ownership of patented claims transfers from person to person just like a house, business, or another property right; unpatented claims can be bought and sold but may also expire if the miner does not follow all of the prescribed rules and regulations required to keep a claim current. The county''s mining records include the following: pre ...

16Feb 846
Mining Claims and Gold Mines For Sale:

I BUY PATENTED MINING CLAIMS WITH CASH OFFERS, NEAR IDAHO SPRINGS, GEORGETOWN, SILVER PLUME, EMPIRE. EMAIL WITH DETAILS FOR OFFER. Get to know what I do a little better by taking a look at my Channel, documenting Colorado''s Mining History (and some of the work I do at my own mines!): Colorado Mining History My video on the Gold Castle Mine:

5Feb 943
Patented Mining Claims for Sale in Silverton Colorado

Patented Mining Claims for Sale in Silverton Colorado. The TV series, "Gold Rush" depicting gold-mining in the Yukon of Alaska, has dramatically increased the interest in looking for this precious metal not only as a hobby but as a profit-making venture.

2Feb 2000
Montana Gold Mining Claims

Yukon, Canada Placer Claims. For Sale. Yukon Gold! - Iron Creek. Whitehorse, Yukon Territory Y1A 2B5 Canada. $25,995. Historic Iron Creek Placer Claims – Whitehorse Mining District – Yukon Territory, Canada Montana Gold And Mineral Mines is proud to present the Historic Iron Creek P510655, P510208 Mining Claims for sale.

29Feb 1502
Colorado Mining Claims

Colorado Mining Claims. Longitude and Latitude. Map Tip ×. Zoom in First. Then choose a Base Layer To stay Informed. About Land Matters Updates. Subscribe. to the Landmark Newsletter Customize Your Map. Right Click on any Layer name and choose "transparency" to blend your Map Layers The.

8Feb 1016
Mining Claims | Bureau of Land Management

MINING CLAIMS. A mining claim is a parcel of land for which the claimant has asserted a right of possession and the right to develop and extract a discovered, valuable, mineral deposit. This right does not include exclusive surface rights (see Public Law 84-167). There are three basic types of minerals on federally-administered lands: locatable ...

18Feb 1309
Gilpin County, Colorado Mining Claims | The Diggings™

265 active mining claims. 1,326 closed mining claims. Two Or More Minerals, All Minerals, and Gold mines located in Gilpin County, Colorado. Listing claims …

23Feb 1976
The Ins and Outs of Patented and Unpatented Mining Claims

 · Patented claims exist in perpetuity. However, an unpatented claim owner can also hold the claim as long as he likes for an annual $155 assessment fee (county fees and taxes for patented mining ...

11Feb 1065
Mining Claims For Sale

Gold, Silver, Copper, and Platinum mining claims for sale. Mines for sale in California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Montana, Colorado, Idaho

19Feb 705
patented placer mining claim for sale

$97500 Patented Placer gold mine Real Estate For 20 Acre Placer Gold Mining Claim in Historic Rye Patch Placer District For Sale Unpatented Placer Mining Gold Claim in NV State Northern Nevada is home to the state''s best known placer field for nugget shooting with a metal detector, the Majuba or Rye Patch placer district The area is located west of the Rye Patch Reservoir, about 45 miles north ...

4Feb 725
Land patented mining claim colorado

View property. 2. 006 Silver Creek Rd Oatman, AZ 86413. It''s located in 86413, Golden Valley, Hennepin County, MN. This is a patented mining claim called Baldwin/Big Wonder AKA The Wonder Group. It contains 11 claims. There is a 390'' shaft and 600'' feet of... $100,000. $200,000 50%.

15Feb 1284
US Patent for Artificial intelligence for mining crypto ...

 · An access point switches between an access point mode and a cryptomining mode. In the access point mode, the access point provides network access for end stations using a BSSID (Basic Service Set Identifier) while in the access point mode. In surveillance mode, the access point activates a mining co-processor and collectively works on problems coordinated by a stratum mining server.

7Feb 992
Does a Patented Mining Claim Mean You Keep the Mineral ...

 · Patented Claims. A patented claim gives the miner the right to both the minerals and the land itself. If the government approves a patent request, it transfers property title to the miner. At that point, the miner can explore, extract the minerals or build permanent mining structures and a home. He has the same rights as any property holder.

13Feb 1039

 · 5 ACRE~PATENTED MINING CLAIM~O STAR OF THE WEST~LANDER CO, NEVADA!~GOLD & SILVER. Report item. - opens in a new window or tab. Description. Shipping and payments. eBay item number: 154198422710. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Last updated on Jun 15, 2021 07:53:49 PDT View all revisions.

15Feb 1818
Kennedy Mining Co. v. Argonaut Mining Co. :: 189 U.S. 1 ...

Argonaut Mining Company. No. 49. Argued December 10-11, 1902. Decided March 9, 1903. 189 U.S. 1. ERROR TO THE SUPREME COURT. OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA. Syllabus. Where the contention is that the title to ore taken from a mine depends upon whether the mine was patented under the Act of July 26, 1866, or the Act of May 10, 1872, and involves the ...

30Feb 1049
Patented Mining Claims

Patented Mining Claims. The best way to describe what mining claims are, is to give you an illustration that is pretty much universally understood. Years ago the US government wanted the west settled by pioneers. As a result, Congress created the "Homestead Act". If a family moved west and took over a 160 acre parcel of land and did certain ...

9Feb 906
Buying A Mining Claim

 · Buying A Mining Claim - Important Information You Should Know. Files. 2017_Buying Mining Claim.pdf (PDF / 315 KB) Publication Date. Thu, 05/10/2018. Region. Colorado. Organization. Collection: Public Room. Category: Brochure. Keywords. Mining-and-Minerals. Bureau of Land Management Home Page.

10Feb 1642
Patented Arizona Mining Claims for sale

The Doco Lode and Georgia Patented mining claims were part of Camp Washington and the Duquesne Mines during the early 1900''s. They are located in the Patagonia Mining District in Santa Cruz County Arizona. The claims are about 5700 feet in elevation and contain 1000 feet of …

14Feb 1211
Property & Map Search | San Juan County

This spreadsheet lists all patented mining claims in San Juan County, sortable by location, size, ownership, parcel#, survey#, patent#, and other attributes. The spreadsheet has one row per schedule-sequence combination. Some mining claims have multiple rows if they are owned in partial interests with separate tax schedule numbers.

1Feb 896
Patented Mining Claims

Patented Mining Claims. With regular placer, lode, or dredge claims the claim holder has the right to mine the minerals but does not hold title to the property. However Patented Mining Claims include the deed to the property. In order to be patented, significant mineral values were proven to exist on the property, or the patented status would ...

10Feb 1935

When the Patent for a Mining Claim was issued, it would refer to the Plat for the official legal description for the claim. Most of the Patented Mining Claims offered for sale were issued and patented in the late 1800''s, and early 1900''s. For example, the Patented Mining Claim of the Tintic Paymaster Mining Company called "Silver Bell ...

5Feb 639
Patented Mining Claim for Sale

This Claim has the highest peak on Gold Mountain at 8144ft It is the location of the USLM. Mineral Survey Map: 252301a. Mineral Survey Map: 350801a. Mining Claims: Goldfield. 123.00 Acres Patented Mining claim. ESMERALDA COUNTY. 7 Patented claims totaling 123.00 acres, MS#2523 and MS#3508A. $180,000. El Dorado NO.3.

22Feb 1530
Gunnison Colorado mountain land patented mining claims

Gunnison Colorado mountain land patented mining claims. SIZE: 65.26 +/- acres total. APN#: R012226 * Schedule # 405100000017. LEGAL DESCRIPTION: SPACK, QUAIL, LITTLE ANNIE, CHOCOLATE, BESSIE, GOLD COIN, ALL #10232, MABEL #11199, JASPER #11198, GOOSE CREEK M.D SEC 18 47N2 & SEC 13 47N3W B571 P823.

10Feb 1951
How to Develop

How to Develop - Mining Claims. Resources. Get information on development requirements, geological hazards, and environmental assessment. Information can be found in Land Use Regulations - Article V (PDF) under Section 5-205 and Section 5-311. The Colorado Geological Survey site supplies a form for Land Use reviews (PDF).

2Feb 700

Wind Energy Wind Energy Supl. To search for land status records: Start by selecting the state. Fill in any desired criteria. Click the Search Land Status button. You will be switched to the " Search Results " page. You can get a brief description of what each field means by hovering your mouse over it.

19Feb 656
Buy, sale, rent, lease or partnership of gold mines ...

 · Mine database includes lode, placer & patented claims, turnkey mine listings and mining joint ventures. With the record metal prices, now is the time to mine your own business! Grubstaker LLC. 9751 W.44th Ave Ste. 115. Wheat Ridge CO 80033 USA. Ph: 1-303-277-1578 or 1-303-582-5041. E-Mail: [email protected] . Patented mining claims & gold ...

4Feb 899
Properties | Classifieds | ICMJ Prospecting & Mining Journal

alaska—patented gold mining claims 230 Acres on Solomon River, 35 miles from Nome, which have been entirely dredged upstream. These claims begin where dredging stopped. $485,000. 20 to 25 ft. deep. Abuts the Nome-to-Council Road at Mile Post 35.

20Feb 837
Mining Law FAQ

The original 1872 mining law offered miners the ability to apply for patents for their mining claims. Once patented, the title for the land was passed to the claimant which conveyed both the land and the minerals to the owner. Can an unpatented claim be patented? In 1995, the US Congress enacted a moratorium on the issuance of patents for ...

8Feb 1330
Crested Butte Mining Claims | Irwin | Tincup | Other Areas

 · First off, most mining claims listed for sale for real estate purposes will be patented claims, rather than unpatented ones. Unpatented claims will require that the holder is actively working on a mining operation, while a patented one is quite similar to any other piece of land, and does not require mining activity.

15Feb 1319
Colorado Mines For Sale

Colorado, USA. Historic Golconda Gold Mine. 20 Acre Lode Claim For Sale or Lease. The Golconda Mine is a rare beast, and an incredibly valuable site. With free milling gold …. Gold, Silver. Colorado, USA. Independence Mineral Property CMC289886 & CMC289887. 40 Acre Gold Claim - 2.3 OPT AU - Pitkin County, Colorado.

10Feb 1946
Mining Claim Packet

6. Is a patented mining claim private property? Answer: Yes. 7. Is an unpatented mining claim considered real property? Answer: Yes. The discovery of a valuable mineral deposit within the limits of a mining claim located on public lands in conformance with state and Federal statutes validates the claim; and the locator acquires an exclusive

23Feb 1681
20 or 40 acre Colorado Gold Mining Claim with Creek

20 or 40 acre Colorado Gold Mining Claim with Creek. This is a legally registered, 20 acre gold Mining Claim for sale. Total price of $1500. A signed contract will precede payment. I am a retired teacher, and got into prospecting as a hobby with my family.

20Feb 1948
Programs: Energy and Minerals: Mining and Minerals ...

A patented mining claim is one for which the Federal Government has passed its title to the claimant, giving him or her exclusive title to the locatable minerals and, in most cases, the surface and all resources. However, effective October 1, 1994, Congress imposed a moratorium on spending appropriated funds for the acceptance or processing of ...

16Feb 750

Patented Mining Claims Summa, LLC is proud to own more than 50 patented mining claims throughout Nevada, which means the company owns the land and the minerals underneath the surface. Owning this high number of patented mining claims presents some unique opportunities for our company and those with which we engage in joint ventures.

4Feb 1291
Colorado 40 acre Gold Mining Claim with ...

Colorado 40 acre Gold Mining Claim with Creek. This is a new claim listed here. The other was sold. This is a legally registered, 40 acre gold Mining Claim for sale. Total price of $3950 for a one time full payment. A signed contract will precede payment. Another prospector in this same area noted his gold panning success on another part of the ...