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12Feb 579
TopazMountainMinerals – TopazMountainMinerals

Topaz (Gem) Location: Thomas Range, Juab Co., Utah. Here we have a nice crystals of sherry topaz crystals from one of several topaz claims that we, as topazminer own and operate in the Thomas Range in western Utah. The crystals …. Continued. Rare Red Beryl (also sometimes called Bixbite) on Topaz Crystal – Location: Thomas Range, Juab Co ...

17Feb 830
North Carolina Gemstone Mining

Finding Gems in North Carolina. Recent reports on the Huffington Post and ABC News websites describe how some visitors have found emeralds worth over $10,000 in-the-rough. If you want to read a great summary of North Carolina gemstones, see Joseph Hyde Pratt''s classic article titled: Gems and Gem Minerals of North Carolina in the 1933 edition of American Mineralogist.

28Feb 1239
Imperial Topaz Gemstone Information at AJS Gems

Most of the precious topaz and all of the pink topaz mined in Brazil is mined from an area less than 100 square miles around Ouro Preto. The Antonio Pereira Mine is where the Imperial Topaz is mined. The Imperial Topaz is the red and pink topaz - so called because they were used in the jewelry of the 18th and 19th Century Russian Czarinas.

30Feb 1307
North Carolina Gemstone Mine

 · The Mine Boss Bucket! (+ get a stone cut for half-price!) 4 gallon bucket with some special finds! $75.00. Stake your claim! (+ get 1 stone cut for FREE!) 5 gallon bucket super-concentrated gemstone mix! $125.00. The Big Deal! (+ get 2 stones cut for FREE!) 10 gallon barrel of our best rich gemstone mix! $250.00.

17Feb 1239

Topaz var. Imperial Topaz Capao do Lana Mine, Minas Gerais, Brazil ex. Roy Foerster Collection 4.75 cm x 1.60 cm x 1.26 cm, 18 gr. Here is an amazing Imperial Topaz crystal out of an old collection. It has beautiful deep golden orange coloring. The internal growths lends it''self to many areas of iridescence within the crystal.

17Feb 1569
Topaz mining – open pit methods, mountaintop removal, dredging

Topaz may be useful to indicate the presence of tin ore. The gem is mined by am method called surface mining. It is also mined in underground mines. There are five different types of surface mining like Strip mining, open pit mining, dredging, highwall mining and mountaintop removal mining most forms of surface mining, heavy equipment, such ...

20Feb 1282
Natural Imperial Topaz from Brazil at AJS Gems

Natural Imperial Topaz from Brazil. The state of Minas Gerais in Brazil has been famous for fine colored gemstones for nearly 300 years. The state boasts significant deposits of topaz, aquamarine, chrysoberyl, emerald, tourmaline, kunzite and morganite. Mining began in the region in 1719 with a gold rush, and continued with the discovery of ...

9Feb 1945
Rocks and Gems

Rock and Gem Hunting in Texas and beyond. EARLS NOTES ON THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION Teri Smith runs rock hunts for agates and other beautiful rocks of the Big Bend area from her rock shop in the Antelope Lodge in Alpine, TX, 2310 HWY 90, Alpine, TX her home phone is …

3Feb 1323
Gold Mining Claim for sale | eBay

Topaz Mountain Gold Mine Utah Mining Claim Gems Precious Rocks Gemstones UT Juab. $6,775.00. Local Pickup. 41 watching. ... Gold mining claims and gold mines for sale can be found throughout most of the US west, including California, Colorado, Nevada, and Montana. You can also find gold mine claims in …

25Feb 513
Gem Dirt for Sale | We Ship Gem Dirt

PARTY EXTRAVAGANZA TREASURE BOX: $170. Especially for gem mining parties! We overload this box with more than 15,000 carats of colorful gems that kids (and grownups!) love to find, including purple amethysts; rose quartz; green, pink, yellow, blue, and purple fluorite; smoky topaz; red garnets, blue kyanite, pearly moonstone in peach, cream, gray, and green; orange calcite; amber citrine; and ...

4Feb 564
Imperial Topaz Mines of the Ouro Region in Brazil | Gem ...

Ouro Preto is famous for their Topaz mines and it is known for having the largest supply of Imperial Topaz in the world. The main commercial mine is Capao, and in the town runners sell parcels of the Topaz. However, the miners and dealers in the town have concerns that the market has been flooded by treated Topaz that is being sold as Imperial ...

7Feb 602
Minerals & Crystals For Sale

Polished Agates - Banded agates are extremely popular right now and we have a wide selection of them from many different locations. Agates are a variety of microcrystalline quartz that grows inside a cavity within a rock. The banded patterns that are produced are a record of the changes in the chemistry of the fluids that are depositing minerals on the walls of the cavities.

20Feb 1959
TGIF! You''ll love our High Grade Gem Ore Bags

Check out our HIGH GRADE GEM ORE BAGS! This is an amazing group of one of a kind gems for any gem lover or collector. The Gem Ore Bags may contain Quartz, Spodumene, Tourmaline,Morganite, Aquamarine, Kunzite and more….the same one of a kind gems you find in our fee dig at Oceanview Mine and on the Pala Chief Dig.

4Feb 1791
Imperial Topaz

1.0" 20.8ct Juicy Orange IMPERIAL TOPAZ Gemmy Terminated Crystal Brazil for sale. This is a beautiful, sharply formed crystal of imperial topaz, with gorgeous gem clarity and well-de..... $150.00. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. Add to Compare.

2Feb 1710

Topaz. Imperial Topaz is the rarest color of Topaz ranges from a golden orange to a pinkish color. It is an 8 on the Mohs hardness scale and is the hardest of the silicate minerals. The primary source is from Ouro Preto, Brazil, and it usually occurs as single crystals. Sale!

17Feb 1405
High Grade Gem Ore Bags | DigForGems (Ocean View Mine ...

High Grade Gem Ore Bags. $ 100.00. The Gem Ore Bags may contain Morganite, Aquamarine, Kunzite, Quartz, Spodumene, Tourmaline and more….the same beautiful gems you find in our fee dig at Oceanview Mine and on the Pala Chief Dig.

3Feb 1270

Turquoise is a blue to blue-green mineral of aluminium and copper, mainly CuAl6 (PO4)4 (OH)8·4H2O. It is prized as a gemstone in its polished blue form and can also be a light to brilliant bluish-green. The Egyptians started mining turquoise in 5500 BC. It is known in Iran today as "Ferozah," meaning "victorious," and it''s the ...

6Feb 524
Homesites & Mining Claims For Sale

Homesites & Mining Claims For Sale . Reset Submit. Properties Results 1 - 24 of 24. $899,000. Rare Find: 69 acre Rio Grande River - Creede, Colorado United States Lot Acres: 69.00 County: Mineral Expansive 360-degree views afforded from the property make this 65+ acre river ranch one of a kind. ...

6Feb 1343
The Rockhounder: Topaz and other minerals found at Topaz ...

Single colorless topaz crystals can be found in the washes around Topaz Mountain. Crystals are usually less than an inch long. Larger amber crystals or clusters of topaz and other minerals can be found by breaking open the white rhyolite to find cavities. How to get there: From Nephi, Utah, travel 33 miles southwest on State Highway 132 to Lynndyl.

2Feb 977
Topaz Average Retail Prices (value charts per carat) in 2021

Synthetic imitations of topaz exist, but they are easy to spot by experienced gem traders, and are, of course, much cheaper. Topaz can be found in Brazil, which is its biggest producer at the moment. There are other important mining locations of topaz in Pakistan, India, Russia, China, Afghanistan, and the US, among other countries.

4Feb 1882
Gem Minerals For Sale: Tourmaline (rubellite, elbaite ...

Below is a gallery of Gem Mineral specimens for sale from John Betts - Fine Minerals in New York City, NY cluded in this group are crystallized gems for sale of Tourmaline (rubellite, elbaite, indicolite), Beryl (aquamarine, heliodor, morganite, emerald), Spodumene (kunzite, hiddenite), Opal, Diaspore, Topaz, Corundum (sapphire, ruby).

24Feb 840
topaz rough for sale, topaz rough for sale Suppliers and ...

A wide variety of topaz rough for sale options are available to you, such as home decoration, art & collectible. You can also choose from mascot, love, and iceberg topaz rough for sale, as well as from natural, synthetic (lab created), and mineral gemstones topaz rough for sale, and whether topaz rough for sale is feng shui, or folk art.

8Feb 589
Topaz Gallery of Mineral Specimens M&W Minerals

5948 Topaz with Included Rutile Partially Coated with Hyaline Opal. Tepate, San Luis Potosi, Mexico. 2.1 x 1.6 x 1.4 cm. $30. 5224 Pink Topaz on Quartz with Included Hematite. Brumado, Bahia, Brazil. 5.1 x 4.2 x 4.8 cm. Largest Topaz crystal is 6 mm long and 1 mm in diameter. $150.

14Feb 1944
Rough Gems for Sale | Get Your Rough Gemstone From Lawson …

44.17ct TW Mixed Colour Tourmaline Facet Rough Parcel. $749.00. This rough tourmaline is a lovely mix gemmy tourmaline from Nigeria. These are all mostly clean pieces or lightly included pieces making the a great choice for either faceting or making cabochons. These stones are …

14Feb 1920
Imperial Topaz from Brazil — Pala international

Recently mined crystals of topaz are equal in quality and may match in size the best found years ago. A few 10- to 12-centimeter gemmy crystals of a deep golden brown were offered for sale in 1980 in the United States and Europe. Best of all, gem topaz production is at an all-time high, and optimism pervades the entire topaz mining district.

20Feb 863
tommysrocks rock shop

African Riverbed Topaz Facet Grade 14 mm 15 cts 353H. African Riverbed Topaz Facet Grade 14 mm 15 cts 353H The stones in the photo are the very stones you will receive. All …

2Feb 574
Buy Topaz Online

15.97 ct. Natural Earth Mined Top Quality Blue Topaz Brazil. 1 bid royalgemstones. $31. $30. 00:19:56. $157.

15Feb 929
Topaz: Buy Topaz Gemstones at Affordable Prices

Rutilated Topaz. Topaz Colors. Untreated Gems for Jewelry. Gem Buyer''s Guide Advice. Find More Content Here. Popular Gemstones. $150 - $200 Gemstones. $500 …

28Feb 1008
Minerals>Red Beryl – TopazMountainMinerals

Sometimes occurs perched on topaz crystals. Physical Properties: Color- Rose pink to deep red Luster- Glassy Hardness- 7.5 – 8 Specific Gravity- 2.6 – 2.8 Cleavage- Poor basal. Another mineral discovered by Maynard Bixby at the Maynard Topaz Mine is …

16Feb 1719
Idaho Gold Mining Claims| Gold Properties 4 Sale | United ...

"The topaz has been found in central Idaho in very large quantities.Some of the stones when cut are extremely brilliant. The writer has a five-carat topaz, cut from a large rough stone, which has the fire and brilliance of many diamonds. This topaz came from the old Florence placers and was found by …

10Feb 923
Topaz & Bixbyite, Topaz Mountain ...

Topaz & Bixbyite Topaz Mountain, Thomas Mountain Range, Juab County, Utah . 2.73 cm x 2.20 cm x 1.07 cm. Here is a wonderful specimen out of an old collection. It is a little too large to be called a thumbnail, more like a small miniature size, but what a killer piece!

27Feb 559
Mine – Searle Canyon Red Beryl Mine –

A visit to the Searle Canyon Red Beryl Mine allows you a unique opportunity to collect a very rare and valuable gemstone known as Red Beryl (sometimes referred to as red emerald). Red Beryl is much more rare (1,000''s of times more rare) than diamonds. Our working mine is world famous and you a chance to find your own gems— Red Beryl, Topaz ...

6Feb 1773
TOPAZ claims for sale | Gold & Gemstone Mining Claims For Sale

TOPAZ Mining Claims FOR SALE. TOPAZ is a crystalline gem mineral that is popular in jewelry as well as with mineral collectors and lapidaries. Some of the best Topaz is found in Utah in Rhyolite. Colorado is famous ffor its Topaz as well as California. Most Topaz comes from Brazil. You can find Topaz right here in the United States.

6Feb 1531
A Texas Treasure Hunt: Prospecting for Topaz in Mason, Texas

 · The history is rich, but the topaz samples are seductive, including the largest topaz ever found in North America (1904): 6,480 carats. This stone was sold by its finder to the Smithsonian Institution for $75. It''s here on loan from the U.S. National Museum of Natural History. In 1969, Texas named the blue topaz its state gemstone.

24Feb 1259

1.4" 77.2ct Orange Gold IMPERIAL TOPAZ Terminated Gemmy Crystal Brazil for sale. Here is a beautifully formed crystal of imperial topaz, with well-defined striations on the sides an..... $325.00 $163.00. Add to Cart.